Your Mental Health Questions Answered by J. Lucy Boyd

The First FAQ for the Human Brain

Your mental health questions answered

Your Mental Health Questions Answered contains over 70 answers to the probing questions you've always wondered about. Popular medical writer J. Lucy Boyd has interviewed 20 top psychiatrists and psychologists, asking each of them one to two questions in their specialty, ranging from anxiety to addiction to sex. Inside this book, you'll learn how to know if your child is on drugs, what to say to a friend who's miscarried, whether to date someone with a personality disorder, and what Maslow's pyramid can do for you. Filled with both practical information and facts you'll enjoy knowing but hope never to need, this book is truly a FAQ for the human brain. "Seldom will you see this many top doctors contibuting to one work. I couldn't be more pleased with the results of this ambitious endeavor! Join me and learn more about yourself, your family and friends, and the eccentric woman across the street. This unique book will both entertain and empower you." -- J. Lucy Boyd, RN, BSN


Contributions by Jeffrey L. Brown, PsyD, Madeleine M. Castellanos, MD, Matthew Clark, PsyD, Patricia Farrell, PhD, Jennifer L. Fee, PsyD, Joann Paley Galst, PhD, Nzinga Harrison, MD, Leon Hoffman, MD, Aimee Kotrba, PhD, Gary W. Lewandowski, Jr., PhD, Carole Lieberman, MD, Ronald L. Mann, PhD, Samuel Mowerman, MD, Steve Orma, PsyD, Simon A. Rego, PsyD, Karen Sherman, PhD, Marcia Sirota, MD, Ashley L. Solomon, PsyD, Tina B. Tessina, PhD and Mentwab Wuhib, PhD.

Table of Contents

What can a person do to help a friend who is having a panic attack?

What types of treatment actually help people with panic disorder?

My teenager is acting strangely. How do I know if she’s on drugs or experiencing a mental problem?

What causes ADHD?

How does a person know whether their sexual interests are normal or pathological?

If a person cannot have sex or doesn't have an interest in sex, should they encourage their spouse to find other sex partners for their spouse's mental or physical health?

Is there really such a thing as “closure” when a loved one dies?

Should kids be given responsibilities?

Is eating too much considered an addiction?

Is addiction ever strictly a chemical process, i.e. the person can take medication for it and no longer have an addiction, or does it always have emotional and cognitive components?

What is prodromal schizophrenia?

Why is mental health important? Won’t it take care of itself?

Why can’t I stop thinking about a woman who doesn’t love me?

If a child wishes to participate in a team sport, but decides he doesn't like it after the uniform, helmet, etc is purchased and the season is underway, what should the parent do?

What qualities can I instill in my child to help him be successful as an adult?

How can I guard my mental health?

My daughter is about to begin dating. What should I tell her?

What is behavioral management?

What is it like to be in a psychiatric hospital?

Are there any predators so mentally ill that they are beyond treatment?

Do recurrent dreams reveal our unconscious desires?

What is dependent personality disorder?

What should I say to a friend whose baby died during pregnancy?

Is it true that people are more likely to conceive once they quit dwelling on it, and, if so, what is the reason for it?

What is the best way to discipline a child?

What can I do to get in a better mood?

Why do people seek out intimate relationships even though they are complicated and frequently don't end well?

Is chronic pain often due to psychological reasons? Does it mean the person is a hypochondriac?

What is the best treatment for schizophrenia, medication or psychotherapy?

What is situational depression?

Is it a good idea to homeschool a child with an anxiety disorder?

Do you feel that most people with developmental disabilities have a good quality of life?

How do you know if you're psychotic?

Should all children be given a sports trophy, regardless of whether they were victorious?

How many couples decide not to marry after having premarital counseling and what are the typical causes underlying the decision?

Should couples experiencing empty nest syndrome focus on spending more time together or on developing their own interests?

Do you think most parents would benefit from a child development class, or is parenting instinctual?

Are we less able to cope with stress than our ancestors, and, if so, why?

What are some effective stress management tools for men who think yoga, meditation, or a hot bath isn't for them?

Does being very strict about a child’s whereabouts and friends reduce the risk he will get involved with drugs?

Is it best to avoid dating someone with a personality disorder?

Is it alright to try to get someone to remain in an intimate relationship if they want to leave?

What is the difference between a child who goes through a phase of being afraid of the dark and one who remains afraid of the dark for the rest of their lives?

plus 28 more probing questions!

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