...because you can! by Ulrike Maria

A guide to right thinking and feeling

...because you can!

All of us have accumulated a life time of mental impressions, beliefs and opinions. We have not always been diligent in discriminating between right and wrong. We have been negligent in choosing the right attitude, thoughts and paths, and we have been avoiding dealing with painful issues. The list goes on and on.

So it stands to reason that all self improvement has to start with a rigorous MENTAL HOUSE CLEANING.

We have to take a sincere look at the BELIEFS that we have to empty out because we are in the pursuit of HAPPINESS. It is our goal in life.

We all have DESIRES and we can accomplish them. However, we have to know how the process of achieving these desires work first.

In order to start your journey to betterment, you have to realize that YOU ARE IMPORTANT and how strong THE POWER OF YOUR THOUGHT can be when used correctly.

The problem is that FEAR AND DOUBT gets in our way and we do not have enough APPRECIATION for all the good we receive on a daily basis. So we have to perform plenty of MENTAL WORK in order to achieve ABUNDANCE, an abundant life which includes all, not just material riches.

We certainly are in agreement that we have to work on our RELATIONSHIPS not only with others but also on the relationship with ourselves. We have to realize that THE TRUE MEANING OF LOVE is more than infatuation. In its truest sense LOVE is the mother of all creation.

As we move along in this journey and are getting a higher sense of our ability to cause, i.e. being cause for everything that we experience, we want to make sure we understand what role our thoughts play in our overall WELLBEING. This of course includes our health, vigor, strength and general wellness.

Now that we have worked on all of the so-called worldly issues we step up to take a look at the bigger picture. We observe the UNIVERSE and THE LAWS, moving right along to learn about the workings of CONSCIOUSNESS and our SENSE of all there is. We have entered the mental realm of being.

Last but not least we will take all we have learned, and realize that YOUR WORLD INSIDE AND OUT is the same as to cause and effect. Your innermost thoughts and convictions are reflected in your daily life’s experiences.

So if we truly have the best interest in mind for ourselves and others, we will see how the SPIDER EFFECT ties it all together. All pieces of the puzzle will fall into place naturally.

Genre: SELF-HELP / General

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Mental Housecleaning

Letting go and clearing your mind of the negative, life-denying stuff you have accumulated since birth is the first step.

“You cannot add to a vessel already full. First you must empty the contents, and then there will be room for the new.”
William W. Walter

Imagine returning your mind to its original state of health and clarity. Going back to easy, calm, playful, and pure thoughts like a child rather than feeling hectic and overloaded, as most of us experience in this extremely active world.


Start in your home with a simple house cleaning. Empty your closets, drawers, and all your nooks and crannies—everything you’ve accumulated. It is important to get rid of unnecessary items so you can begin to work through every area in your life.

Look at the “stuff” syndrome. Haven’t we all moved stuff from one corner to another, or emptied out one closet just to pack it up and keep it in a box high up in the garage? Do you really know what’s in your garage besides the car?

If you haven’t used or worn it in three years, for crying out loud it’s time to let it go. Why do you think storage units are such a big business? You are attached to stuff. The more you have, the more secure you feel and the richer you think you are. It’s very personal.

The fact is that how you handle your stuff at home, at work, or in other areas of your life reflects your mental state. It is the visible picture of how clear or congested your thinking is.

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