Ask: The Questions to Empower Your Life by Michael Jenet

WHY? Why do some people live happier, successful, and more fulfilling lives while others are miserable, struggling and empty?

Ask: the questions to empower your life

WHY? Why do some people live happier, successful, and more fulfilling lives while others are miserable, struggling and empty? ASK gives you the answer. As Jenet says, “Life is meant to be lived, not endured”. In an easy-to-read, humorous, conversational style, peppered with logical explanations, simple steps, and real life examples, Michael Jenet shows you how to immediately get more out of life no matter where you are at this moment. The answer to the question of ‘why’ lies in the questions our mind asks every day. Learning to take control of these questions, indeed to raise our IQ (Intentional Questioning) is the secret behind those who live happier fulfilling lives and those who merely survive it. . Included is a toolbox which guides you to immediately enhance; your career, your relationships, your health, your spirituality, your appreciation, your happiness, your life. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in, if you want to get more out of every day, to experience more joy, more success, more happiness, more connection and live life, not simply endure it, this book will teach you what to do.

Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: EDUCATION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 35000

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Sample text:


That’s the one word I’ve been saying more often than any other word my

entire life. I was always a curious child and when I began to understand

the world around me, the first thing I could not understand was ‘why’

things were different in seemingly similar places.

Why, for instance, is one couple happy and the other miserable?

Why is one person more successful than another when they both have

similar, if not identical opportunities? Why did one country have more

opportunities than another? Why, for that matter, did parts of a country

thrive while other parts struggled?

The more I asked, the more confused I got. There seemed to be no

rhyme or reason for any answers to my questions.

As I grew, I was introduced to the personal success genre of books,

the so-called ‘self-help’ section of bookstores. Today, words like ‘guru’

and ‘expert’ are thrown about like confetti along with ‘success’, ‘personal

achievement’, ‘self-help’, ‘life coaching’ and others to describe an entire

industry created to help people live better, have more and be successful.

I devoured the books. I listened to tapes (for those of you not old

enough to know what I am talking about, they were a very rudimentary

way for audio to be captured onto film, wound into a ‘cassette’ tape and

played in radios). I attended conferences and I studied.

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