A Quantum Diet by Antonio Carlos Mongiardim Gomes Saraiva

self-help, meditation

A quantum diet

This book is especially dedicated to those who have already made a diet, but failed to get the desired results. The work aims to explore a new model differs from conventional diet; programmed through a simple method based on quantum mechanics and conscious mind ...

Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 44 pages

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This book was recently published on various platforms in the market and has sparked great interest in the public, having also originated several sales.

Sample text:

Quantum Mechanics and Philosophies       
Before entering the proper scope of the issue of the book, I should mention that there are several philosophical currents ... All of them are valid and are intended to clarify, orient and get 'achievements' and 'cures' in various fields and circumstances. I will not describe them here, because it is a vast and complex subject. The supporters of classical physics often observe Quantum Physics as a magical and mysterious thing. Sometimes, almost profane ... something that is not yet fully visible and seem to keep indecipherable and hidden secrets; unorthodox and ineffective for the modern world ... There is a good reason for it, if we think that all social gear, is grounded and oriented in the conventional scientific model. There is a whole paraphernalia of interests and assembled schemes, protecting the continuity of the classical model; ranging from financial and social aspect, to the religious ...
So perhaps more import refer to 'quantum model' as something innovative, in that it can sustain the idea of ​​an affordable and achievable proposal to be operated within the consciousness of the individual; that would work in an area not treated and observed by conventional science.

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A great job, quick and careful.

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