The Thunder Lord: The de Shera Brotherhood Book 1 by Kathryn Le Veque

The Thunder Rolls with the de Shera Brotherhood in Medieval England

The thunder lord: the de shera brotherhood book 1

1258 A.D. - As Henry III spends most of his time in France and focused on his French favorites, powerful English barons including Simon de Montfort begin to form an allegiance against him. Rising to power in this dark and uncertain time is the House of de Shera; headed by Gallus de Shera, Earl of Coventry and Lord Marshal of Worcestershire, Gallus is flanked by his brothers Maximus and Tiberius, forming an unbreakable circle of strength that cannot be broken. All know and fear the mighty de Shera brothers.

When Gallus de Shera is pressured to enter into a marital contract with the eldest daughter of Hugh Bigod, another powerful warlord, he balks at the suggestion but is resigned to the fact that he has little choice, as the mighty Bigod family would make strong family relations. But before the contract can take place, a fortuitous moment in time sees him rescue a Welsh daughter of royal blood. The Lady Jeniver Tacey ferch Gaerwen is the daughter of kings and Gallus is instantly entranced with the raven-haired lass. When Jeniver's father is mortally wounded, he begs Gallus to marry his daughter. Unable to refused a dying man's request, Gallus accepts. Although he knows he must face Hugh Bigod at some point over the fact that he is no longer an eligible bachelor, he has no remorse - all he can focus on is his new bride, and a powerful love story is born.

Join Gallus and Jeniver as they embark on a new life together, where the English barons would see their marriage torn apart even as they rebel against Henry III. It is an epic journey of politics, betrayal, hatred, and ultimately a timeless passion between Gallus and Jeniver in this exciting first book of a three-book trilogy.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Historical

Language: English


Word Count: 94,889

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The Thunder Lord is book one of the de Shera Brotherhood trilogy. It was a number one ranked amazon bestseller in Historical Romance: Medieval when released.

As of 10/01/15 its current rankings on amazon are as follows:

#89 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Historical Romance > Medieval

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Over 4.3 amazon star rating out of 5.0 with over 150 reviews.

Sample text:

Bigod was a bully of a man.

Gallus de Shera, Earl of Coventry and Lord Sheriff of Worcester, was well aware of the man with the tactics of a crocodile. He looked like one, too, at least from what Gallus had remembered of the beasts. He’d seen them in The Levant, strange and sorrowful lands filled with strange and sorrowful creatures, so it was an educated observation he turned towards one of the major barons in the political maelstrom between the King of England and Simon de Montfort. Bigod was, in his opinion, a barbaric, powerful, and dangerous fool.

Gallus wasn’t afraid of crocodiles in particular but he had a healthy respect, and sometimes aversion, towards Bigod, mostly because the man had been trying, for six months, to force him into a betrothal with his eldest daughter. If the father looked like a crocodile, then the daughter wasn’t much better.

Lady Matilda Bigod was a round, spoiled woman with the mind of a gnat and a massive dowry, the size of which was usually only reserved for royalty. But all of that money couldn’t entice Gallus because, in the end, he’d still have to look at the woman. Moreover, she would expect him to touch her and he wasn’t sure he could. Crocodile hide gave him a rash.

For six months, he’d been avoiding Bigod’s overtures. But two weeks ago, the overture turned into a full-blown symphony. Knowing that Gallus and his brothers, Maximus and Tiberius, were due in London at the end of the month for a series of meetings with other powerful barons, Hugh had made the calculated move of sending word to Gallus that the entire Bigod clan was planning on being in London, too. Gallus knew the female beasts, Lady Bigod and her relatives, would be set upon him, coercing him into accepting the betrothal.

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