100 Rules For How To Be Happy by Beverley Doak

An inspirational self help book where you will find everything you need to know to have a happy life.

100 rules for how to be happy

This fabulous and inspirational self help book includes the answers to many of life's problems to help your self esteem, and create that meaningful and enjoyable life which you deserve. 

With enlightenment, Beverley gives practical and thought-provoking suggestions for how to cope with the ups and downs that everyday life can bring. 

It is an inspiring, motivational read that will leave you feeling spiritually enlightened and give you the ability to walk your tomorrows with ease.

Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English


Word Count: 14773

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This book is new to Amazon as an ebook. Hard copies have sold very well, with readers commenting ..."This book has saved my life!"

Sample text:

You have walked the path of turmoil. Heaven sent was your road.It has not been easy; struggling has been so hard along the way, but when you look back you'll see how strong you have become. Has it been worth it?  Can you be more proud of who you are today? You made it, didn’t you? You came through it all. Be proud of who you are. You have earned it. 

Listen to the world as it tells you its secret, for  listening will allow you to find a better path. Brian Bell

Stand still and hear the sounds of the earth speaking in its silence. Stand still and feel the peace within your own soul. In the silence of the night, with the rustling sounds of the trees gently blowing in the wind, in the silence of your own surroundings, look and listen within.  Hear what you know the silence whispers. Close your eyes and rest. Your Guiding Light shows you your way, but it is the silence within yourself that allows you to hear.Finding your path is no easy road, learning your lessons is such a heavy task, but to meet the peace within will make it all worthwhile. We are the masters of our destiny.  Sit for a moment, meditate, and reach the joy of you.    

Thoughts left over from yesterday create today, as they will create all our tomorrows.  As we think, so we are. Your yesterdays have made you what you are today.Don’t cry for tomorrow, for tomorrow has not yet come. Tomorrow becomes your today. The memory of yesterday is all that remains.Thoughts left over from yesterday create today, as they will create your tomorrows.  The mind is all-powerful. Live always in the now, aware that how you live today will create your tomorrow. Yesterday has died.  Today you are reborn for the journey of your tomorrows. Each new day is special, each day is an experience.Today you live.  

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Elvira is an excellent translator. She is extremely efficient and took great care to ensure my book was translated in a professional manner. Elvira is very easy to communicate with and I recommend her very highly as a translator. Fabulous work!

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