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Authors and Publishers

Authors and Publishers
Does selling your books globally in multiple languages, with ease and no upfront cost, sound exciting?


Does translating books and sharing in the authors’ successes as they are sold globally sound like a great opportunity?

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"Babelcube works so well, to my amazement - I never expected to get this many 'takers' for my books in the first few weeks after launch, but it didn't take long before every single one of them was spoken for by translators from Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany. This is the most brilliant idea in years - and it opens up completely new avenues for indie writers like myself!"
Jen Minkman, Author

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"Babelcube was new for me. I found it during my search on Facebook for opportunities to work as a book translator, and there it was! In a couple of minutes I found myself completing my profile at Babelcube´s website and choosing a short story, which I thought would be better to start with. I sent my offer to translate and received the author´s acceptance in less than 2 hours!! All communications are efficient and the system is very clean. I´m very excited about being part of Babelcube´s team and helping spread good books to readers around the world."
Sônia Gonçalves, Translator

Babelcube is the platform to bring self-published authors and publishers together with freelance translators to create books in additional languages and sell them around the world.

Books from both self-published authors and commercial publishers are usually only in one language due to the upfront cost of translation, struggles to find a translator, and complexities of working with retailers in different countries.

While freelance translators are challenged with finding translation projects, translating books they like, and managing their own translation work schedule.

Babelcube has come to the rescue and reinvented book translation projects and sales distribution. Indie authors and publishers join forces with translators via Babelcube to create and sell books in many languages. It is a true partnership, as both the rights holders (author or publisher) and freelance translators are paid via a share of royalties from book sales.